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Carbon County Montana

17 W. 11th St, PO Box 887, Red Lodge, MT, 59068, US

Document Request for Existing Septic Permit or DEQ Certificate of Subdivision Approval (COSA)

This form is only for requesting copies of exsisting documents

Please allow 3 business days for a request to be filled. If you haven't received an email from the Environmental Health Department within a week, please reach out to Lori Kane at 406-446-1694 ext 1. 

A non-refundable $5 search fee is required.  To conduct your own Septic Permit / DEQ Approval search, you may utilize the ImageSilo program available on the Public computer in the Clerk and Recorder’s office in the County Administration building at 17 W 11th Street in Red Lodge; you should come prepared with the Certificate of Survey / Plat number for the property you are researching (Montana Cadastral is an excellent source for detailed property information).

Property Owners' Name

Address of system installed / to be installed

Please conduct a property search on the Montana Cadastral website to provide accurate property information for the Assessment Code and Legal Description (to include Plat/COS and Tract/Lot) in the following fields. You can search under owner name, address, subdivision, or Certificate of Survey.

Additional Property Information

Existing Systems (this is how our septic permits are listed in the database; therefore it is the most helpful information)

Requester Full Name

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