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Carbon County Montana

17 W. 11th St, PO Box 887, Red Lodge, MT, 59068, US

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Soils Test Pit (8 ft. depth minimum) – applicant to provide description of following: a) Depth to seasonal groundwater (may require monitoring if applicable) b) Depth to bedrock (if applicable) c) Soil types (in accordance with DEQ Circular 4 Appendix B) d) SCS/NRCS soil data provided Click Here to Upload
USGS topo map including location of property, locations of well logs for calculating hydraulic conductivity, and location of the well where nitrate sample was obtained. Click Here to Upload
Water Sample (Nitrate Background Analysis report) Click Here to Upload
Nitrate sensitivity analysis (include hydraulic conductivity and hydraulic gradient calculations) Click Here to Upload
Phosphorous break-out determination Click Here to Upload
Lot Layout Plan: Paper sizes accepted: 8½ X 11 – 11 X 17 – applicant to provide the following details: a) Scale b) Legend c) North Arrow d) Water source (type and location ie. Well, Cistern) e) Drainfield Location (Primary Drainfield and 100% Replacement Drainfield Area) f) Slope given for drainfied area g) Dwelling location h) Mixing Zone i) Soil test pit and percolation test (if necessary) location j) Location of any streams, ditches, and any neighboring wells a. Wells, drainfields, and/or mixing zones within 100ft perimeter outside of boundaries shown. k) 100-year floodplain requirements met, and floodplain and drainages shown Click Here to Upload
Drainfield plans and specifications designed in accordance with DEQ 4 Click Here to Upload
Review Fee Calculation Checklist available at Click Here to Upload