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Carbon County Montana

17 W. 11th St, PO Box 887, Red Lodge, MT, 59068, US

Conditional Use Development Permit

Conditional uses will be evaluated by the County Planning Board with a recommendation to be approved, conditionally approved or denied by the Carbon County Commissioners. Each specified conditional use provides minimum requirements that must be met. Please see Section VIII-A for all conditional use requirements. Permit fee is $850.

1. Applicant Information:

Full Name

Applicant Mailing Address

Physical Property Address

    2. Site Evaluation

    What kind of conditional use are you applying for?

    Is there surface water on the property?

    Will the proposed activity interfere with agricultural operations by contaminating water sources or interfering with irrigation facilities?

    Are State or Federal Permits needed to conduct this activity on the proposed property?

    OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT ONLY - Check if completed:

    3. Neighboring Properties (Conditional Use Permits require notice to neighboring properties. Please provide the NAME AND ADDRESS for all properties that are contiguous to your parcel.)

    4. Upload Files

    Required files include a (1) detailed site plan/development plan, (2) a time schedule for completion of development (3) and any additonal required documents specific to your conditional use.
    Site plan/development plan must include:
    • Map of property location and lot lines
    • Existing buildings or structures
    • Proposed buildings or structures and dimensions
    • Setbacks
    • Existing and proposed access to property (roadways, driveways, etc.)
    • Any parking or loading areas
    • Service and refuse areas
    • Existing surface water
    • Proposed sewer, water, agricultural water, and/or drainage
    • Any easements or right-of-ways
    • Signage
    • Fencing or screening
    • Any other required features
    You may scan a drawn copy of the property and the proposed improvements and also submit a written statement addressing all application requirements for the desired use.
    Please provide as much information as you can.




    5. Administrative Review Process. The Carbon County Commissioners will issue a Development Permit within 60 days of a complete application. The Carbon County Commissioners may issue CONDITIONAL APPROVAL of the permit related to ingress and egress, parking, fencing, screening, landscaping, setbacks, signs and lighting, weed control and conditions to address other reviewing agency concerns.

    6. Applicant Statement. Everything included in this application is true and meets all application submittal requirements as found in the Carbon County Development Regulations.

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